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Top 10 Remote Career Opportunities You Should Consider

More and more professionals are choosing remote work opportunities over office jobs. Work from home jobs help you avoid the hassle of prep and the fatigue of going back and forth each workday.

These career options also offer schedule flexibility so you can spend more time with your loved ones. For these reasons, remote jobs have become an attractive opportunity for job seekers around the world. Here are the best remote career options you should try.

1. Freelance or full-time writer

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Do you like to flaunt your creativity by magically structuring words and sentences? If yes, then writing is the best remote career option for you. You can be a freelance contributor or work as a full-time writer for an organization.

By becoming a ghostwriter or contributor with a byline author, you can work from the comfort of your own home. Starting your own blog is another good career option for those interested in writing.

You can also work as a copywriter in a marketing agency. Or, you can become a freelance copywriter to create ad copy for different products.

2. Remote Assistant

Like many jobs, the profession of secretary or office assistant has become remote. As many people working from home need an assistant, there is a growing demand for remote assistants. You can become a virtual assistant who does all the secretarial work sitting at home.

If you become a remote assistant for a marketing company, your job responsibilities will include answering phone calls from interested people and sending cold emails to potential clients. Coordinating with your employer, you may also need to schedule a meeting.


A chart showing social media management

Not all social media jobs are marketing related. With the growing popularity of social media, the world needs more social media managers than ever. Becoming a social media manager is a viable career option for you if you enjoy spending time on social media.

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You can perform all related tasks online, including finalizing the strategy for your client. This job requires you to manage social media pages and profiles. You will also need to improve the customer’s online presence and have better audience engagement.

4. transcriber and translator

Can you understand a language from an audio clip, even if the accent is weird? The power to listen and write it down can help you become a dedicated transcriptionist. You can join a transcription agency or work for a journalist, researcher or lawyer.

With the expansion of transnational activities, the world needs effective translators in source and target languages. People with expertise in multiple languages ​​can also become translators. It could be a very profitable profession for them.

5. Accounting or bookkeeping

Accountant working from home

Many small business entrepreneurs and freelancers have no idea about accounting. Since they don’t have the time and interest to acquire this skill, they look for people who can offer them bookkeeping services.

Job seekers with knowledge and expertise in accounting and bookkeeping can join this profession. To become an accountant, you must have a related degree or certificate. Knowing how to use the best accounting apps will make you a better candidate. You can search for job postings for this position or approach the target companies directly.

6. Graphic design

If you are meticulous about color schemes and design, you should make graphic design your career. Designers can use their creative skills besides enjoying a life of comfort and freedom. Besides freelancing, remote graphic designers can be part of startups and small businesses.

Although you can do most graphic design work independently, some projects may require collaboration with a team for brainstorming. With so many video conferencing, online whiteboards, and brainstorming apps available, remote collaboration shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Software and application developer

A lady working on software from home

Software and application development is currently a booming industry. With apps and tools, you can perform many everyday tasks. If you know how to build software or a mobile application, this will be a great career option.

Join a development company of any size and start working for them remotely. Apart from coding, you can also contribute to a team with unique business ideas.

With various advanced tools, you don’t have to worry about team communication. Once you have established yourself as a competent developer, you will receive unsolicited offers from different clients.

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8. Workplace Diversity Expert

By implementing diversity and inclusion best practices, companies can ensure that every team member feels valued. For that, they need a diversity and inclusion expert who has a solid knowledge of workplace law and strategy.

Creative and strategic executives with experience developing initiatives for a diverse and inclusive work environment should join this profession. They must work with administration and teams to implement programs in accordance with business objectives and local laws.

9. Hire a recruiter

A remote recruiter taking a group chat

You can become a recruiter if you have market research and negotiation skills. There is no need to go to the office for this, as the entire hiring process can take place online.

As companies make steady progress toward meeting their hiring goals, vacancies for recruiters are increasing. Apart from remote teams, even office teams offer remote jobs to the recruiter.

10. Customer Success Manager

Finally, you can become a customer success manager if you want a work-from-home opportunity. Almost every business needs someone who can handle customer queries and complaints.

You can join this profession if you have good communication skills and enjoy solving problems while helping others. You can offer customer service via live chat or audio calls. Therefore, your location does not matter here. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and patience.

Go remote to work comfortably

Remote jobs no longer just mean side hustles. You can definitely opt for full-time remote work and earn a living. From this article, you have discovered the best remote job opportunities available to everyone.

You can choose any of them according to your interests and experience. Working from home means you have to synchronize the task with your teammates using various tools. So it’s good to know about productivity tools for remote teams.

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