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Top 10 Platforms for Indians to Search Data Science Jobs Abroad

by Analytics Insight
April 4, 2022

Data science job platforms gain popularity to connect recruiters and candidates

Data science is transforming the world in recent years with effective data management and meaningful insights. Aspiring Indian data professionals are looking for different data science jobs to work abroad. The main concern is how to find suitable data science jobs on the internet so wide and so deep. There are multiple platforms for data science that provide many opportunities for data science companies across the world. Meanwhile, it is overwhelming for Indian data professionals to choose from these data science job platforms. So, let us search for the best data scientist platforms offering several different data science jobs for aspiring Indian data professionals in 2022.

Top Ten Data Science Job Platforms in 2022 for Indian Data Professionals

LinkedIn is one of the best data science job platforms across the world for aspiring or experienced Indian data professionals. It helps connect data professionals to be more efficient and productive through this professional network. This data science platform offers a wide variety of data science from different tech companies with lucrative salary packages per year.

In effect

Indeed is one of the best data science platforms with millions of online data science jobs to seek the next successful career step for Indian data professionals. It offers job searches, resumes, and company reviews with multiple categories to search for data science jobs.

Glass door

Glassdoor is gaining popularity as one of the data science platforms to find the right data science for Indian data professionals in several different companies with salary comparisons. This data scientist platform is one of the world’s leading jobs and company insights with company ratings and reviews.


Internshala is one of the best data science platforms to offer international data science companies for Indian data professionals. It helps to apply for over 10,000 internship opportunities to search for permanent post-internship offers. This data science platform also offers training to upgrade the skills needed to receive lucrative offer letters. is known to provide a better path to a plethora of opportunities for Indian data professionals with the people-driven technology solution for data science discovery. It combines smart technology with real official recruiters to generate better job opportunities across the world.

just hired

SimplyHired helps millions of Indian data professionals to seek lucrative data science jobs for this recruitment platform. It offers the ability to browse tech companies, their reviews, salary ranges, and other lucrative employee perks.


Monster is a leading data science platform and recruiting resource that leverages cutting-edge technologies. It provides the broadest and most sophisticated job search platform with talent management capabilities across the globe. This data science platform is all about better access, better connections, and better jobs.


AngleList provides the passion for innovation to invest in world-changing start-ups to inspire a new generation of funders and founders of popular data science companies. He helps launch and grow a fund or start-up to provide lucrative DS jobs in 2022 and beyond.


Scouted focuses on providing recruiting treadmills to search for data science job leads at different companies. It helps with an end-to-end talent management platform to find the right employee at the right company.


FlexJobs is one of the best data science platforms for providing remote, home-based, and flexible job opportunities. This data scientist platform provides Indian data professionals with top-notch data science research opportunities, as well as career coaching and CV review opportunities.

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