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The Best Sites to Find Freelance Gigs

One of the biggest things that has happened to freelancers over the past few years is the plethora of platforms available that connect freelancers to people looking to hire them.

On sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, you can submit and find gigs in an incredible array of categories. claims that its freelancers have worked in 1,800 different categories.

How these sites work

On most of these sites (exceptions apply, see below), small businesses, corporations and individuals post the work they need. Independent entrepreneurs, “solopreneurs”, small businesses, and freelancers browse listings, view gigs and budgets, and then bid on the project. Whatever your specialty – whether it’s making videos, blogging, doing research, being a virtual assistant, social media marketing, sales, accounting or whatever – these sites offer you the opportunity to find consistent work.

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