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The 7 Best Apps to Hire a Real Personal Assistant Through Your Phone

While there are plenty of great AI personal assistants out there, like Alexa and Siri, sometimes we need a real human to help us out. This is where the following apps come in handy, as they all have a real person on the other end to help you with certain tasks.

Whether you need someone to schedule a meeting or sort through emails, try using one of these time-saving apps, often for as little as the price of a coffee.

1. Tips

Stuff is an application designed to facilitate the execution of personal tasks. If you’re often busy, consider using Stuff to delegate trivial tasks that save you time. Many Fortune 500 company executives like Tesla use this service, so you’re in good company.

With Stuff, simply create a profile and sign up for a subscription. One of the best features is that you get unlimited tasks for one low monthly price. This means that if you’re particularly busy one month, you won’t pay more than you already make.

To download: Tips for iOS | Android (Free, subscription required)

2. Talkative Boss

ChatterBoss is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who have too much to do and need to delegate certain tasks. ChatterBoss uses real human assistants that can schedule appointments, organize your calendar, and plan business trips.

You can also delegate personal tasks, such as having someone do the shopping for you.

You can create a team of helpers of any size that can help you with any task, big or small. In the dashboard, you can see all the tasks you have currently delegated and see who is working on them.


You can also communicate with all the assistants in the dashboard via video chat, SMS or phone calls.

To download: ChatterBoss for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

3.Upwork for customers

Upwork is a popular app for hiring freelancers and virtual assistants for projects of any size. On Upwork, you can find web designers, copywriters, and SEO experts to help you with your projects. Hiring one of these qualified people elsewhere usually means paying a high salary.

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However, Upwork allows you to get a qualified person for a project, which makes it more affordable to complete a task quickly and efficiently.

With Upwork, freelancers and agencies can create profiles and bid on your jobs. When you receive an offer, you can check if they are qualified to work on your project. If they are, you can hire them and the payment will be released when you are satisfied with the work.

You can see reviews of their past work as well as a portfolio that demonstrates their skills. Upwork also offers quizzes for virtual assistants to test their knowledge of certain subjects and languages.

To download: Upwork for Clients for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

4. Independent

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is a website dedicated to hiring virtual professionals for a wide variety of projects.

However, unlike Upwork, Freelancer has a larger selection of qualified agencies that can complete projects in a short time. Freelancer has millions – and that’s no exaggeration – of freelancers and virtual assistants ready to work on your projects.

To start a project, just post what you need and you will immediately start receiving offers. Bidders will provide you with examples of their work and reviews and give you a price estimate.

If you like their price, just accept the project and give them the information they need to get to work. Freelancer uses a milestone payment system, where you release milestone payments once different parts of ongoing projects are completed to your satisfaction.

To download: Freelancer for iOS | Android (Free)

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour connects small businesses and entrepreneurs to a virtual assistant collective of over 1.5 million experts. These experts are ready to design logos, develop websites, and write time-consuming technical guides.

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PeoplePerHour has an excellent database of photo and video freelancers, which is useful if you want unique photos for your website that aren’t stock photos.

PeoplePerHour also has a large database of virtual assistants ready to do administrative support. This is something other freelance sites don’t seem to focus on.

To download: PeoplePerHour for iOS | Android (Free)

6. 24 Task

24Task is one of the easiest apps to quickly hire a freelancer or virtual assistant. With real users, ready to provide administrative work, translations and customer service, you can meet all your needs with this one application. There is also a database of people skilled in web design and development.

24Task also has a section for accounting and bookkeeping experts. Other sites provide these services, but 24Task seems to have the highest quality database of these people. After all, an accountant’s mistake could mean you lose money.

For accounting virtual assistants, 24Task is the best choice.

To download: 24Task for iOS | Android (Free)

7. Fifth

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that started out as a website to hire people to complete tasks for five bucks. While most jobs cost more than that now, there are still plenty of quality workers out there willing to work for a good price.

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Fiverr is great if you need logos, voiceovers, videos, or even a website. You can even hire people on Fiverr to create an advertisement for your business. There are so many qualified freelancers on Fiverr who might not fit the mold of a traditional freelancer. This means you can learn great skills at a great price.

Fiverr also offers a variety of unique services, such as hiring someone to distribute 100 flyers. These are services you won’t find on Freelancer or Upwork.

To download: Fiver for iOS | Android (Free)

Create more time for what you love

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or just someone with a lot to do, you can benefit from a personal assistant. While some AI-powered assistants like Siri are great, they might not be the most efficient way to handle important tasks. Most of the time a real person can be better and faster.

By using one of these virtual personal assistant apps, you can ask a real person to help you with your work and make your life a little easier, even if it’s just for a moment.

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