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TCS will continue working from home

New Delhi: With the improving COVID-19 situation around the world, major information technology companies are shifting to a hybrid working model, which allows employees to work remotely and in the office. Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) has also rolled out a 25*25 model, Occasional Operating Zones (OOZ) and a hot desk for the convenience of its employees.Also Read – New Omicron Subtype Discovered in China: What It Is and Should We Be Worried?

Responding to a question about its work-from-home status, the IT giant reportedly said: “We will be bringing our employees back to offices in the coming months. We are already beginning to encourage our associates to return to their respective offices. Senior executives began to work regularly from offices. Our offices around the world are following all social distancing and COVID-19 protocols, implemented at the start of the pandemic, and are extremely safe for employees. » Also Read – Kapil Sharma Birthday Party Inside Photos and Videos: Music Themed Celebration Where Everyone Wears Black

What is the TCS 25/25 model?

The 25/25 model aims to bring people back to the office and gradually transition to the hybrid working model. According to the model, by 2025, no more than 25% of company employees will need to work from the office at any given time, and an employee will need to spend no more than 25% of their time in the office. Also Read – Indian Income Tax Rules: 10 New Income Tax Rules Effective From April 1

According to the company, the ’25/25′ model is an important design element and will take a few years to mature.

“Hybrid work models are here to stay. In the new “Future Of Work”, the physical office and remote working will play an essential role. Eventually, everyone will have to come to the office for a while and at the same time they will have the option of working from home. Ultimately, whatever we do will be with full consideration for the safety, health and well-being of employees,” the company said.

Agile Worksheets

By making changes to the infrastructure, the IT major is moderately shifting to a worldwide agile model, which enables business associates to work and engage with other team members in n any TCS office.

“Our agile workspace is an intelligent, automated, cloud-based digital infrastructure that is adaptable to adapt to changing security policies and regulations, resilient to the onslaught of cyberattacks, and supports operating models work from anywhere,” CNN-News 18 reported quoting the company’s statement.

Occasional Operating Zones (OOZ)

TCS has also established Occasional Operating Zones (OOZs) and Hot Desks, which allow employees to plug their system into any office across the country and quickly connect to the global workforce.

Meanwhile, a survey by recruitment and staffing firm CIEL HR Services showed employees are even willing to quit their jobs if the option to work from home ends. Of the 10 respondents, at least 6 were willing to quit rather than return to office. The survey results, shared with the Economic Times, further revealed that the same number of respondents (from IT, outsourcing, tech startups, consulting, BFSI and corporate functions) helping companies in all sectors) are ready to refuse the offer of a superior. paid employment that requires them to come to the office

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