You are currently viewing Pete Neubig’s VPM solutions empower virtual assistants in the property management industry.

Pete Neubig’s VPM solutions empower virtual assistants in the property management industry.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. -Henry Ford

The past 2 years have been tough times for businesses around the world due to the pandemic. The real estate sector has suffered greatly in terms of its value of companies. Many people have found themselves in distress trying to figure out how to maintain their business. With high maintenance costs and declining sales, many businesses have closed. At the same time, the pandemic has taught us a lot that the days of being bound by geo-restrictions when hiring a team are over.

In these challenging times, a team of property managers have created a solution for many industry peers. A unique network of dedicated and skilled virtual assistants to manage day-to-day operations at remarkably less cost. Pete Neubig stepped in during these difficult times and was clear that he had solved this problem not only for him, but for many in the industry. This goal was to help others in his industry grow. Pete has created a platform that will help qualified Virtual Assistants meet and work with the network of strong employers in the property management niche.

For property owners and managers, there are several services you can choose from. Few mentioned here are the best in the industry

Quality Matches

Hire the best

Work efficiently

Easy payments

Employers can simply post a job offer and select quality matches will ensure efficient work is always a guarantee. This collective platform helps individual owners significantly reduce their expenses and can benefit from on-demand services. Assistants serve professionally in

accounting and consulting,


administrative support,

Customer service,

Sales and Marketing

Virtual assistants are the workforce of the future. Not tied to location, a quality assistant can solve your remote work problems at your fingertips. This unique platform also helps generate a lot of jobs and thus qualifies for a sustainable business model while empowering the community.

Why VPM Solutions?

Three-step process

No upfront costs; no fees at all

Improved trade control

The virtual assistant is a contractor dedicated to your business

Easy access to reports and timesheets

Speed ​​of hiring

No middleman; Employer pays less and VA earns more

Free industry-specific online training for virtual assistants

Pete shared that his vision is to equip every property with this ease of management, to make the industry strong and stable for future unseen chaos.

With growing opportunities for every niche, Pete’s VPM Solutions has launched itself as a pioneer in the property management industry.

About VPM Solutions

VPM Solutions is the industry leader in property management solutions. Their mission is to make finding a new job easy at your fingertips, with their app and web platform.

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