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Legit Side Jobs for Moms

Most mothers need to work, and all too often mothers have to work more than one job to get by, or find side work, and be able to continue caring for their children. We even learned over the past year that women are still penalized in the workplace for being mothers. Millions of mothers had to stop working last year to monitor and educate their children as children continued to be quarantined due to COVID-19.

As a result, many families find themselves in financial difficulty for the first time. The jobs currently available may not be paying enough for mothers to accept in order to justify their work. Working on the side can help you make ends meet, groceries, or maybe some extra money to buy your kids pizza and a movie. Whatever you need extra money, there is a way to earn it from home or in your spare time.

Most home jobs or side jobs sound too good to be true. Online jobs are particularly difficult to find and verify. However, these seven side jobs are all legitimate and can be done by any mother. They all allow a certain flexibility in the work and constitute a financial advantage.

7 Provide childcare services

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If you can manage supervising even more children in your home, offer to neighbors or other local parents to watch a few other children during the day. You do not need a home day care license to care for an extra child or two during the day. Or volunteer your time to babysit anytime to help parents who need help on occasion. If you charge a reasonable rate, you will not only help other mothers to take care of their children, but you will also earn extra money. What’s one more kid to watch out for when you already have a few?

6 Entering subtitles

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When you want your kids to leave you alone and practice their reading, you turn on captioning. But have you ever wondered who types all the captions? Well, you can if you want. REV is a company that hires captionists and you can get started today by taking a simple skills test. Captionists choose the content they want to watch and type what is said. REV pays per word typed, so the weekly payout is based on how much you write and type yourself. Caption as much or as little as you can.

5 Freelance writer

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Almost every site you read, including this one, hires freelance writers to create content for their readers. While it may seem easy to make a living as a freelancer, you need to love writing and have the skills to produce well-written, well-thought-out content. It is also a position where you need to progress and get a little lucky along the way. There are writing jobs available all over the internet if you know where to look. The trick is to find one that pays well enough to make your writing worthwhile. Don’t give up and keep applying and writing to every job posting you see.

4 virtual assistant

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There are a lot of busy people in the world who need help staying organized and need virtual assistants to take care of their daily needs. These tasks can include scheduling, responding to emails, creating social media content, booking trips or restaurants, assigned research, and more. BELAY is a site that provides virtual assistants to those who need them, but you can apply there to be a virtual assistant. . They will assign you a client, but only if you pass the highly selective application process. Fancy Hands is another site to consider as well.

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3 personal customer

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With so many people ordering groceries online and wanting them delivered, online shoppers are always needed. These shoppers will be in greater demand with holiday shopping just around the corner. The best thing about personal shopping is that you can choose your own hours by taking evening or weekend shifts or whenever you can. Shipt and Instacart are two good companies to consider.

2 Bartender/Waitress

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This is a position that also has many hours of operation in the evenings and on weekends. Tip money is also great for hardworking moms and you’re bound to have some social time. If you’re in a big enough city, you’ll have your pick of places to work. Service is an industry in dire need of staff, so it should be pretty easy to get hired.

1 Make and sell

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If you have an artistic talent and enjoy creating, consider turning your hobby into a business. With Etsy, anyone can open a shop and sell their products for cash. If you love to create, running an Etsy shop might not even seem like a chore. Create your product and sell it for what it’s worth. Set a price that reflects your work. Being an Etsy Creator proves you can be a working-at-home mom.

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