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Jobs, Instagram and all you need to know

Online dating has its advantages, which has been particularly the case during the lockdown. But you will eventually have to feel mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety when you finally decide to meet for the first time in person. That first IRL meeting is at the heart of BBC Three’s latest dating show love in the flesh, which sees five couples meet offline for the first time at a lush Greek beach house to see if their digital connection rings true in the real world. Hosted by Zara McDermott, couples will get a chance to see if they click IRL and if they actually have a future together. So here’s everything you need to know about love in the flesh.

love in the flesh Release date

Started on March 23, love in the flesh broadcast weekly on BBC Three from 10 p.m. Both episodes will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer on Wednesdays each week.

love in the flesh Parcel

Over the course of eight episodes, the couples will have the opportunity to get to know each other face-to-face rather than behind a screen, and compete in challenges to “explore different aspects of their relationship” per BBC Three in a statement. release obtained by Bustle. McDermott not only acts as a presenter for love in the fleshbut she will also provide the couple’s guidance and be their confidante as they navigate whether the connection they’ve developed online can actually survive off the internet.

“It really reflects the current dating climate for young people who live in the digital age and are constantly glued to screens,” McDermott said. “This show is about questioning how far online chemistry can go without that in-person connection.”

But, six bachelors are on their way to the beach house to throw the party – will they disrupt the online bonds that have been created between the original five couples? Or will it make their connection stronger than ever?

Meet him love in the flesh To throw

Christos and Niki


First online three months ago, 19-year-old restaurant manager Christos and 22-year-old Niki both have Greek roots and hope their virtual match will be just as perfect in real life. But given that Niki, from Brighton, usually caters to older men, there may already be a bit of tension.

Find Niki on Instagram @missnikiklarke and Christo @christosgabriel_.

Millie and Shelby


Millie, a 23-year-old influencer, and Shelby, a 24-year-old NHS worker, struck up a bond ten months ago, and both seem to think they’ve found the right one. It’s also not the first time they’ve tried to meet in person – this was put on hold after Millie had a nasty accident with a horse and had to undergo five surgeries. Hopefully this meeting will make up for lost time.

Follow Shelby on Instagram @shelbybarrettxo and Millie on @milliemclay.

Hannah and Brandon


Having previously been in a pretty torrid relationship online, 24-year-old paralegal Hannah and 23-year-old college student Brandon are quite nervous about meeting in the flesh. And if this spark that they kept virtually for six months was extinguished?

Follow Hannah on @hannahhgracey and Brandon on @brandon_leee97.

Jess and Kwame


24-year-old carer Jess has been talking to Kwame for five years, but has never been able to see him other than from a photo. 28-year-old entrepreneur Kwame repeatedly refused to appear on camera, leading Jess to conclude he was a catfish. Could that really be the case, or does Kwame have a legitimate reason to avoid the goal?

Find Jess on Instagram @jessica_ajx and Kawme on @kwamehimself.

Chibz and Shazelle


Crossing paths on Instagram two years ago was love at first sight for 23-year-old personal trainer Chibz. But it doesn’t look like the adoration has been returned by 21-year-old receptionist Shazelle, who has already lifted Chibz twice. While he’s not too convinced she’ll rock the Greek island, it seems Shazelle wants this relationship to work.

Find Shazelle on Instagram @shazellelouisa and model Chibz @chibzno10.

The cast: the singles



According to 24-year-old bartender Ana, online dating in Aberdeen is a lost cause. She’s a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and a big believer in love, hoping this series will bring her the opportunity to settle down with the right person.

Find Ana on IG at @anna.asatiani



Meet 26-year-old business owner Caz. He mainly meets people through Instagram and says his success rate with women is around 99.99%. However, he has yet to have a serious relationship and “feels missing” in his life.

Find Caz on IG at @cazmilligan



Dan has a hard time dating in a small town because everyone knows someone you’ve been with or met the same people as you – his radius is currently set at 20-30 miles. The 27-year-old insurance broker believes a one-on-one dating experience will lead to better luck.

To see


Edwyna is a deeply spiritual person and at 25 she is ready for a deeper connection. But will beauty consultant Edwyna find true love in the beach house?



An engineer by training, Joe says he uses all the dating apps, spending all his free time messaging girls. The 24-year-old hopes the beach house will help him settle in and find a girlfriend to relax with.



The 27-year-old personal assistant describes herself as a people person through and through. She believes we remember experiences rather than online messages and is ready for that IRL connection.

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