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Following ‘big quit’, struggling employers turn to outsourcing

Workforce diversity helps businesses meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly diverse marketplace.

Whatever the reasons for this exodus from the workplace, it comes at a time of rapid business growth and increased emphasis on workforce diversity. In many cases, outsourcing certain business functions can help employers address all of these concerns at once.

A record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September 2021, accelerating a trend known as the Great Quit.(1) While the top reasons given for quitting were lack of child care adequate children and COVID-related health issues, believe that many leave their jobs in search of better job opportunities, self-employment, or higher pay.(2) diversity,” says Neelesh Rangwani, Founder from Delhi-based virtual assistant provider Wishup, “In many cases, outsourcing selected business functions can help employers address all of these concerns at once.

According to Rangwani, workforce diversity helps companies meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly diverse marketplace. Recent research shows that a team with a member who shares a customer’s ethnicity is 152% more likely than another team to understand that customer.(3) Which applies to selling, adds Rangwani, also applies to hiring. According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 76% of employees and applicants said a diverse workforce was an important factor in their evaluation of companies and job openings.(4)

Furthermore, he notes, both the Great Resignation and the increased emphasis on diversity come at a time of very rapid economic expansion(5) when many businesses need help with essential but not essentials such as purchasing, telemarketing or data entry. By taking responsibility for an entire business area, Rangwani explains, an outsourcing company can offer effective management of these functions without having to reorganize the client company’s management structure, saving time and money and allow management to focus on outlook and strategy.(6)

In many cases, says Rangwani, an outsourcing solution, especially an offshore solution, can allow growing companies to keep pace with business while dramatically increasing the diversity of the company’s overall workforce. . He also notes that statistics show significant benefits in combining diversity and outsourcing, including improved performance, minimized risk and increased innovation.

3 benefits of a diverse, outsourced workforce

1. It’s profitable — Outsourcing reduces labor costs. There are two main advantages: first, the contracting company does not have to pay any benefits, since the subcontracting company pays them. And second, for the same amount of payroll from the contracting company, they can get more people – more talent – ​​from the outsourcing company.

2. Its Efficiency – By outsourcing to an international company – particularly from India – the contracting company gets an efficient, results-oriented, disciplined and highly adaptable employee – again, for less money.

3. It’s recession proof – Outsourced staff are more resilient during economic downturns. Regardless of the US economy at any given time, that doesn’t translate to outsourced staff.

The big resignation comes from a variety of sources, Rangwani says, some of which will not be resolved quickly. In the meantime, however, American businesses urgently need skilled, educated, English-speaking help. India, which has the second largest English-speaking population in the world(7) and nearly one hundred million university graduates(8), is and should be, he notes, a primary source of such aid.

“Outsourcing,” says Rangwani, “should be a key tool in every business leader’s toolbox. Properly managed, it is the fastest, most effective and economical way for a company to build and diversify its workforce, improve its performance and increase its internal stability.

About Wisup:

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