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8 home jobs you can start right now

You don’t always have to leave home to have fun. These 8 jobs offer plenty of remote work options.

For many people, having a full-time job is not enough to cover basic needs. And even if you’ve covered the basics, you might not have much wiggle room for an unforeseen emergency or a fun vacation.

That’s why so many of us turn to side businesses to supplement our income. While many secondary activities can be done on your time, while working comfortably from home, some of them require you to be on the go, like driving for Uber or delivering for Postmates, for example. But those hustles require gas money, and if you’re already leaving the house to work your 9-5, you might be looking for something a little cooler, that can get you through those hours away. from your place.

This is why the type of scramble you do is important. We take a look at a few that can be done entirely remotely, with as many (or as few) hours as you have to spare. Looked.

1. Freelance Writer

Writing is one of the most flexible things you can do. Whether writing for online publications, local magazines, or even your alumni magazine, copywriters are needed in many different industries, sectors, and outlets. (Even law firms and tech companies have a stream for writers!)

There are so many types of writers, including copywriters, resume writers, curriculum writers, and content writers, that regardless of your area of ​​expertise, if you enjoy writing, you can probably find something that suits you. The salary will vary depending on the region of the country and your expertise.

2. Social Media Manager

If you’re already on most social platforms and enjoy writing, creating, and trending daily, maybe it’s time for you to get paid to use your skills. You can help businesses start and maintain their social media presence. You can also find agencies that hire people to manage social media accounts for several different businesses. Since all you need is internet access (and a creative mind), you can absolutely do this job from home.

3. Tutor or teacher

If you are a teacher with summers off or have left teaching full-time, you may want to consider using your skills in another way. For example, you can be a private online tutor in a subject you have taught. This could be anything from English as a Second Language (ESL) to tutoring students in preparation for SAT or ACT tests. In this sense, you could become a test preparation instructor. Teachers have such a versatile skill set. If you don’t immediately see opportunities on your own, check out an agency that might be able to match you with work.

4. Accounting or Bookkeeping

If you have a knack for numbers, put those skills to good use. You can help small business owners get their finances in order or even help people file their taxes each season.

5. Executive or Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants tend to do the jobs that many people find themselves too busy to take on. Virtual assistants end up working for freelancers who need a little extra help with emailing, organizing notes, doing research, or setting up meetings. But in reality, the tasks vary greatly depending on who needs an assistant. An executive assistant can also take care of these tasks. You can either find a position on your own or go through an agency to be put in touch.

6. Customer Service Representative

If you’ve ever had to call a company to fix something, ask about your account, or literally anything else, chances are you’ve spoken to someone – and that person probably works at residence. Customer service representatives don’t always need to be in an office to work. And often companies want someone who can work outside of working hours without having to travel to a physical location. It’s a good option if you want to do something outside of your 9 to 5 job, but don’t want to leave your home.

7. Project Manager

Your attention to detail and organizational management will take you far as a freelance project manager. You will plan and manage a project according to budgets and timelines, which is not always easy! This is why it is so important to have project managers. Many different industries have project managers, so if you specialize in one area, try to find one that best matches that specialization.

8. Graphic designer

Whether designing a website, mobile app, or flyer for a local business, designers are always in demand. Some work full-time for agencies or in-house for companies. Others are hired freelance or under contract. If you’re doing something in a different industry but love graphic design, you can start doing it on the side to build your portfolio.

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