You are currently viewing 🌱 Man found dead near Griffith Park + No plan for displaced Ukrainians

🌱 Man found dead near Griffith Park + No plan for displaced Ukrainians

Hello, Los Angeles; today is world party day! It’s Sunday, so let’s start with everything you need to know about what’s happening in Los Angeles today.

We still don’t know why a young man died near Griffith Park. In addition, residents are frustrated because there are no plans to bring in Ukrainian family members. Ultimately, COVID-19 numbers climb.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Low clouds can break out; costs. High: 66 Low: 52.

Here are the top five stories from today in Los Angeles:

  • Our neighbor from West Helms wondering if anyone can recommend a licensed asbestos removal contractor? (next door)
  • A Vermont Vista North neighbor lost his dog in Vermont and 94th street. He is a male Chihuahua. (next door)
  • Council Member Mitch O’Farrto one: If you know of an area that needs security improvement, please contact the team. (next door)
  • As of today, the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station bids fond farewell and best wishes to Captain Edward Ramirez as he has been promoted to Commander. (next door)
  • A Silver Lake Reservoir neighbor is looking for recommendations for a canine vet. Currently with Limehouse but looking for a good vet who doesn’t charge $70 just for the visit first and foremost. (next door)

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You are now aware and ready to go out this Sunday! See you all tomorrow morning for your next update.

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